Frequently Asked


How does the Heating System work for the 6×4m, 8×4m or larger Marquee?

If you wish to book either of the above Marquee sizes, for $80 you can add the Heating System.

This includes two radiant panels that are installed into the roof portion of your Marquee and will maintain a comfortable temperature for the duration of your event. (we recommend a minimum of 3 side walls).

How much will it cost me to run?

2400watts x 2 =4.8kW, 4.8kW x .15cents (residential tariff) = 72 cents/per hour. Operating 7pm-2am, 7 Hours will only cost you a total of $5.00!

How do I make a booking and what do I need to include?

To make a booking simply email and we will issue a quotation document which confirms you booking request and outlines payment details. Please include the following:

  1. Name, Address & Contact details (fixed line & mobile).
  2. Marquee Size(s) & Accessories (eg: lights, heating, chairs, tables etc).
  3. Both the time the Marquee(s) need to be erected, and the time the function is scheduled to commence.
  4. Whether the Marquee(s) will be installed over paving/concrete or grass/lawn.
  5. We will take care of everything else!